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I am Michael Battalio, a Ph.D. student in Atmospheric Science at Texas A&M.  I have Master of Science in Meteorology from Mississippi State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a second BS in Meteorology (communication, mathematics and music minors).  I am a graduate fellow of the American Meteorological Society.  I invite you to find out more about me, learn about my research activities, download my resume, read some of my philosophy, or find me on social media

Please feel free to contact me with questions on research, employment, booking or just to chat at michael[at]battalio.com.
I am in my sixth semester of studies at TAMU and am a Research Assistant with Drs. Istvan Szunyogh and Mark Lemmon studying the atmospheric dynamics of Mars, specifically the effects of dust on the energetics of Martian baroclinic waves. I am transitioning to operations for the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover. When needed I teach ATMO 202 Atmospheric Science Lab for nonmajors or assist in ATMO 321 Computer Applications in the Atmospheric Sciences. I presented a poster entitled "An Investigation of the Local Energetics of the Martian Atmosphere" (pictured at right) at the 2014 American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting. I completed my graduate degree in Meteorology at Mississippi State in May 2012. 

My Master's Thesis title was "Quantitative Analysis and 3D Visualization of NWP Data Using Guasi-Geostrophic Equations". I presented a poster with the same title (pictured at right) at the 2012 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting.  I presented a poster, "Visualization of Vorticity and Divergence in Three Dimensions" (pictured at right), at the 2011 National Weather Association Meeting.  I received the 21st Century Fellowship from the American Metrological Society in 2011.

I research several topics including the history, development, and future of Quasi-geostrophic theory, development of quantitative tools using QG theory to evaluate numerical output, and investigating the three-dimensional patterns of divergence, vorticity, omega, and geopotential tendency in synoptic systems.  Two upcoming papers will describe the three-dimensional structure of the level of non-divergence and effect of horizontal length scales on QG omega. A new avenue of research I am also interested in is non-terrestrial atmospheres, particularly the elucidation of the atmospheric dynamics of exoplanets via temperature profiles.

For a more deatiled look at my research see my Academia page or see my profile at the TAMU ATMO page. 

I am looking for work as a church musician.  I have approximately 10 years experience working with choirs, eight years as pianist/cellist with St. Joseph Catholic Church  and ~2 years experience working as choir director and organist at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.  Any churches in the College Station area are welcomed to contact me with employment opportunities.  Visit the Music Page to listen to recordings, detailed experience list, and view my Music Resume.
I've finally gotten around to recording myself playing the cello (or should I say I'm finally not embarrassed by my cello playing).  It's a piece that is very recognizable and thus very easy to notice where I screw up (which I admit is frequently) but also very technically challenging.  I give you Bach Cello Suite no. 1 in G Major - Prelude.  I'll update as I make nicer recordings.

I've also recorded a piece I played from a wedding in June 2012. It is Dawn from the movie "Pride and Prejudice" and is written by Dario Marianelli.
I've finished the third movement to the Moonlight Sonata and am working on a recording of it.  I'm reviewing the Rhapsody in G minor by Brahms and the third Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt.  The pieces I am working on include Chopin's Nocturne in Eb Op. 9 No.2 and Rachmaninoff's  Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Op. 3, No. 2.  Otherwise on the cello, I've started on learning all of the arpeggios for all keys, and I'm learning the famous Bach cello Suite in G. 
Performances and Booking
To listen to samples of some of my work or for information on booking me and pricing, visit the performance section of the music page.
Projects and Hobbies
Weather Station
I have installed a weather station in my back yard.   It is being run on a Raspberry Pi using a python software package called weewx.   The station itself is a WMR88A.
Thoughts and writing
I've added to my two essays:   This I Believe, which is just that - a description of what I believe, and Serious Conversations.  Both of these essays are also transcribed in my blog.
I have begun work on landscaping the .2 acres around my house. I'm documenting the progress of my gardens on my garden blog

One of my daylily hybrids has been accepted by the American Hermocalis Society.  The daylily's name is "Stormy Sunset."  It is pictured at right.  Here is the official AHS page.

Also I have posted pictures from the rest of the garden.
I'm attempting to get back into oil painting and pencil drawing.  At one point, I was rather decent at both, but I have let my ability slide in the last several years.  If I succeed, I'll post the results here.

View previously complete works on the Art Photos page.
I've added a couple of new stocks and a couple of new mutual funds to my portfolio.  I've also added to my positions in ETP and ED.
Here are the rest of my stocks:  Apple (AAPL), Consolidated Edison (ED), US Bank (USB), Disney (DIS), Merek and Co. (MRK), Boeing (BA), Energy Transfer Partners (ETP).
Go to the Projects and Hobbies page to see more about what I've been spending my time on.
An Investigation of the Local Energetics of the Martian Atmosphere
Quantitative Analysis and 3D Visualization of NWP Data Using Guasi-Geostrophic Equations
Visualization of Divergence and Vorticity in Three Dimensions
Stormy Sunset
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Michael on social media
Weather Station
A Battalio Christmas
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