Michael Battalio

crinum lily

Stormy sunset finally bloomed. Both clumps took a year off last year. I don’t know why. Both clumps bloomed this year.

File Jun 18, 10 27 44 AM

Here’s a double daylily.

File Jun 18, 10 27 25 AM

I had an iris bloom in the last couple of weeks. I have to think it was just confused because of all the rain, and it rebloomed.

File Jun 18, 10 27 00 AM

Here is a beautiful crinum lily that bloom for the first time since I’ve been here. I’m in awe of their bloom cycle. The plant looked like this for one day yesterday, and today the flowers have shriveled up. They’ll be gone tomorrow. So much energy for such a spectacular display for just one day.

File Jun 18, 10 26 23 AM

Finally, I’ve taken the tomato planting too far this year. This was after we turned a bunch of the roma tomatoes into spaghetti sauce. The cracks you see in the tops of some of them are due to the plant trying to grow them too quickly after the rain and the fruits splitting due to all of the water. There’s not much you can do to prevent it sans grow everything in a greenhouse. You can see I have to pick a lot of them when they are rather green to keep the birds from poking holes in the fruits and letting ants in.

File Jun 18, 10 29 01 AM