Michael Battalio

rabbit damage

Continued rabbit munching damage is occurring; this time on a lobelia. I seem the scamper around occasionally in the mornings. I’ve never had to deal with rabbits before, so I’m not sure how to deter them.


Here is another plant from yuccado gardens. This is Sinningia sellovii. It is doing quite well in its first year. It seems to like the space in the bed by the driveway. I thought it would be very challenging to fill that bed, but everything I’ve picked seems to like it there.

Here is another daylily. This one is my own hybrid, Stormy Sunset. Its growth habit is quite different from its time in Mississippi. The leaves are much yellower and the flower stalks were a lot shorter, about half as tall.

The coleus from the previous couple of entries are doing great. I’ve planted them throughout the yard and in many pots on the front and back porches.


Here are a couple more orchids that are in full bloom.

A mysterious caladium has returned in one of the beds. I planted about 100 of them last year, and all of them died except this one. I’m quite surprised that this one is here. The are tender tropical plants, and temperatures dropped into the lower 20s twice during the winter. Perhaps this one is simply planted a bit more deeply than the others were. I have no idea. I’ll be interested to see if it returns next year as well.

I’ve had an excellent harvest of tomatoes this year. The secret is to planted them as early as I possibly can so that they can put on enough growth to support fruit production. Now that these are harvested I will pull the spent vines up and prepare to plant a fall crop in about a month.