Michael Battalio

winter warmth

It is approaching the end of January, and there still have not been freezing temperatures measure at the house yet. The coldest we have gotten is 34, though at the official reporting station it has gotten down to 32. Consequently, all the plants have no idea what is going on. Here is a bottlebrush under the impression it is spring

File Jan 23, 1 23 08 PM

A sunflower that still hasn’t frozen yet:

File Jan 23, 1 22 00 PM

A coreopsis that thinks it is summer


A rose that doesn’t care what time of year it is (with lantana in the background)


I had to mow the grass ...in January. With the evergreen live oaks in the background, you could think this is summer; the grass is still so green.

File Jan 23, 1 22 21 PM

All of this is going on while the daffodils are blooming

File Jan 23, 1 23 38 PM

2015 and the beginning of 2016 has been a time of very weird weather. We ended the year with over 55” of rain at the house. The usual for Bryan is 40”. 55” is about the amount of rain my parent’s house in MS gets every year.