Michael Battalio

The mid-summer lull

We had a spectacular rain event on Thursday night. My house received 5.86” of rain in approximately three hours (including a one hour period where we got over 3”). This now brings my house over the average yearly rainfall for this time of year. I never believed we would catch up after getting less than five inches during the first five months of the year. I wish I could save about three inches of that to fall during August here.

As it is the middle of summer and though we haven’t hit 100 yet here, the garden still suffers from the heat. Thusly, I don’t have much to show in the garden. One daylily is still trying to make a go of it. ‘Pardon me’ is a short, late-blooming variety.


Here I have a simple Black Eyed Susan diligently making a show.

At bottom I have a shot of a naked lady lily (Lycoris squamigera), a type of amaryllis, so named because the flower stalks emerge quite suddenly after the foliage has died back. These happen to be at my parent’s house where I must sadly confess my father has mowed all the flower beds down. Despite my parent’s neglect, these will continue flowing so long as my dad never catches the plants with the mower while their foot high strap-like foliage is out.