Michael Battalio

01 June 2014

continued beauty

Continued good growth from the rains from a week ago means the garden looks great. I only dread all of the inevitable watering I will have to do in July and August. The daylilies that I ordered and planted last year are all blooming (see Daylilies post from July 30, 2013). Below: Chicago Gold Coast and Apricot Charmer

Fair Child and Yasmin

Here are a couple of gladiolas that I just stuck in randomly last spring. I’m pressed that they’ve come back so well this year. I really love gladiolas. Next is the first agapanthas I’ve had bloom on the property. They are scattered around in most beds from the previous owners.

Below are some lilies. The pink and white crinum lily is so pretty it that it is tragic that the plant blooms and fades in just two or three days.

Lastly, I just wanted to show some progress photos of the whole house. Hopefully by the time it comes to sell, all of the plants I’ve gotten in the ground this spring and fall will have filled out and look amazing.