Michael Battalio

01 May 2016

more bugs

Only a few updates as I wasn’t able to take many pictures. First a couple of sunflowers:

File May 07, 11 11 58 AMFile May 07, 11 09 28 AM

The tomatoes are doing fantastically well. The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. There are no insect problems yet.

File May 07, 11 10 57 AM

The broccoli isn’t faring so well. As I showed last time aphids are ravaging several plants. All I can do at this point is pull the plants up altogether and stomp on them to kill most of the bugs so they don’t move to other plants. I’ve never had such a problem with aphids. However, I have harvested many delicious heads of broccoli so far, so if I have to sacrifice a few to not have to use any pesticides, I can deal with that.

File May 07, 11 09 52 AM

Here is another photo of the verbena that I’ve shown several times so far this year. I am still astonished that it is still madly blooming after three months.

File May 07, 11 10 19 AM