Michael Battalio

02 June 2013

June progress

A few weeks ago we had about six inches of rain over the course of a few days. Needless to say the garden responded quickly. Everything I had planted suddenly went crazy. The front is covered with Caladiums and gladiolas (second row, left). The roses are covered in flowers (top two photos). I’ve also started harvest of beans and cherry tomatoes. Inexplicably the rest of my tomatoes have not set a single fruit yet. I don’t know why. There are also sunflowers everywhere. I believe they are from the load of compost I spread around the entire property. I realized what they were when I saw them first come up in March, so I let them grow wherever they came up. I had no idea they would be so vigorous. The one photo I’m including are some from the vegetable garden (second row, right), but they are like that in just about all of the beds. You can see some of them in other photos.

Since that six inches of rain a few weeks ago, we’ve gotten only about an inch. I have had to start watering things as they wilt. So far it is just some of the roses that put on too many buds too quickly and some of the perennials that I planted in Apr. I also bought about 20 daylilies online. They came in last week. I greatly underestimated the sunflowers, so I don’t have anywhere to put the daylilies. I’ve just decided to plant them up in pots and make a whole new bed for planting them in the fall.