Michael Battalio

Flowers for fall

Now that cooler weather has arrived, fall flowers are blooming. Here is a large patch of mums that was here when I moved in but thanks to my careful watering during the summer look absolutely great now.


After a heavy rain at the beginning of October, the bottlebrush flushed a second set of flowers. I can never get over how pretty this plant is when in bloom; the bees love it as well. This is really a carefree plant.


Next a couple of pictures of 4 o’clocks. These were here when I moved in. A few facts about four o’clocks: They bloom only in late afternoon (or earlier if they have shade). They grow from tubers not unlike potatoes, and they are edible though I’ve never consumed them. They reseed readily, and their seeds can be transplanted throughout the gardener to add a dash of color. Lastly, I wish I could share their fragrance with you. It is heaven for your nose.


I planted some salvia along the road. I hope it will fill in over the next couple of years into a bit of a mass planting.


Otherwise I’ve planted the broccoli crop which is doing well. I’m harvesting lots of peppers, and I’m waiting for the fall tomato crop to ripen. I’m soon going to be planting about 130 daffodils. That will be quite a job one Sunday afternoon – perhaps even starting tomorrow.