Michael Battalio

04 July 2010

Two Months In

Here we are two months after germination. I am concerned that because I had to plant to late in the season that the heat is getting to the plants. Also I was gone for three week — three weeks where it did not rain at all, so the plants and considerably smaller than they should be. It also didn’t help that the deer ate quite a bit of growth. To note though, the plants were protected by the netting, but got to big so it. I decided to risk the deer coming back and took the netting off. That was the wrong decision. They have revisited at least twice more and done quite a bit of damage to the tomatoes, peppers, and cantaloupes.

The corn is tasseling, and we should begin to see the ears develop soon. Because each plant is about half size, I expect to only get one ear from each stalk as opposed to two or three for a full sized version.