Michael Battalio

10 April 2016


I’ve been slow in cleaning up the garden this spring, partly because I’m not suppose to exert myself due to a health problem, but I’m making progress slowly. I begin this entry with a photo of the fixed corner bed where the gas company ripped out my beautiful rosemary plant. I filled it in with some shrubs, but some sunflowers decided to take over. I let them go because I enjoy this native annual.

File Apr 16, 11 13 59 AM

Here’s a progress update on the side bed. I bought some ornamental grasses to help fill in, but I haven’t put those in yet.

File Apr 16, 11 15 09 AM

On to vegetables now, first are the tomatoes. I have over 20 plants, so I’m counting on a huge harvest.

File Apr 16, 11 14 39 AMFile Apr 16, 11 14 21 AM

In the large bed I have about 20 broccoli plants and the 40 pepper plants at the front. I didn’t try any other summer vegetables because I haven’t had time to plant any seeds this year.

File Apr 16, 11 15 48 AM

I end with proof that even I have to deal with bugs. I let this one head of broccoli bolt, and it is absolutely covered with aphids. I try not to spray anything on my vegetables to let the beneficial insects eat, but this isn’t the first plant I’ve lost to bugs this spring. I may have to take more drastic measures other than the laissez faire approach I’ve used so far. The little gray spots are each an aphid. After I took this photo I plucked the head of broccoli and stomped on it repeatedly to kill all the aphids.

File Apr 16, 11 15 29 AM