Michael Battalio

10 May 2015


With the growing season once again in full swing, this will be a full blog post. We have gotten enormous amounts of rain this year. As of 5/16/15 we are at 23.87”, which is double what we should have. The garden is loving it. Everything looks amazing.

Below is a euphorbia that I got at a box store for $3.33. I hope all the rain doesn’t drown this usually drought tolerant plant.


Here is a yarrow that I know needs some pampering when first planted, as the last time I tried it, it died during August. I’m hoping the enormous amount of rain will harden the plant up for the inevitable dry spell that will happen later in the year.


Next a couple of daylilies. The first is one I dug from my parent’s yard “Frans Hals”, which is a prolific bloom and a hardy plant. I put it in the roadside bed because I know it can take the heat. The second photo is a patch of native daylilies that were here when I moved in. This is the first year that they are making such an impressive display. The last two years there have only been one or two bloom stalks. I have to chalk the improved performance to the rain, though in previous year I assumed they weren’t blooming much due to the shade of the live oaks.

I’m including another photo of an amaryllis simply because they are so impressive.

Next is a scutellaria ‘Fuchsia Fountains’, which I bought at the Brazos county master gardener plant sale earlier this spring. It is settling into its space very nicely.


Here are some coleus that I started from seed when I transplanted the tomatoes. They are growing slowly, but they will be read to pot up in containers shortly.