Michael Battalio


The TX state climatologist is the professor in one of my classes this semester, and he made the comment that Texas droughts are those times between Texas floods. We are now above average for rainfall for this time of year. We have made up about 10” of rain deficit in about a month and a half. Everything is soaked, so I can’t really garden, but everything is looking great. This being fall, not much is in bloom, but there is a clematis blooming and a clump of mums.

I have also had the chance to repopulate the sunny perennial bed with plants again. We will see how they do come summer, but most of them are fairing well at the moment. The biggest short term plans are to make a second raised bed on the southeastern side of the house and to figure out what to do about the bed adjacent to the driveway.


I’ve planted a couple of new roses in the rose garden. I have decided not to baby these plants. I will water them (as I had to water everything during the summer), but I don’t have to to tend to roses that need a ton of care. So, if the plants can’t take care of themselves, they’re out. I’m going to try to get some antique roses in the near future. We’ll see. The one below is a floribunda ‘Foxy Roxy’. I also bought an ‘Iceberg’.