Michael Battalio

14 April 2013

New Garden

I’m going to start using this space to document my tribulations in beautifying my new property. I bought this house in July of 2012, and I’m going to spend the next five (or less, hopefully not more) years prettying up this space as I work on my Ph.D. When I bought the property the landscape wasn’t much, but I know via Google street view that the owners prior to the previous owners (two owners back that is) were quite good gardeners, and they highly improved most of the soil around the property. Thus, my job is much easier than it could be if I were simply dealing with heavy, Texas clay. I didn’t occur to me until a few months in sot start taking pictures, so alas, I do not have what the property looked like when I first moved in. I do have quite a few things to show now though. Let me first start with the vegetable garden. While most of my property is quite shaded due to five large southern live oaks I have on the mere .25 acres of land, the two side yards to get mostly sun. The western side yard gets more than enough to have a nice vegetable garden. Here is what I have so far: an excellent crop of broccoli and a lot of spinach. The beans and potatoes have already been planted. The potatoes (bottom on left) look excellent.


The ornamentals are starting to look pretty good as well.
Jacob’s ladder (top), elephant ear blooming (bottom)

Oleander (top), Lilies (bottom)

Rose garden (top), bottle brush (I think, bottom)

I’ll be updating this much more frequently now that I’ve have my own garden. Look for an update every two to three weeks.