Michael Battalio

14 September 2014


Back to getting fall rains, and with them come the zephyranthes or rain lilies. One of these I planted, and the other appeared from a previous planter. I had no idea the red one was there. Such is the surprise of buying a property that was previously owned by another gardener.


With the rain the tomatoes are beginning to put some growth on. This fall I’ve decided to pluck the first few sets of flowers off the tomatoes so that they will put on more foliage before fruiting. I know other people who do this so that the fruit that is allowed to set will be larger and grow faster because the plant has a larger capacity to photosynthesize. I’m still trying to figure out the timelines of vegetable growing in Texas. It is so very different than in MS.


This weekend I plan on planting all of the plants bought at clearance sales during summer. I feel it will be cool enough to get them through the rest of September. I am also excited to use my first batch home-made compost. I will use it to amend planting spots.