Michael Battalio

15 November 2015

construction destruction

The garden blog has intentionally been on hiatus as there hasn’t been anything to show. There was a four month stretch of no rain, so everything looked pretty terrible. Also, the road that runs along the eastern edge of my property was expanded and paved in concrete. I lost about two feet of property to the road, and the construction company was not kind to the gardens. Here is an image of the gas company digging a large hole in my front garden, pulling out the very old rosemary shrub to dig said hole, to fix a gas line that the construction company hit. You can see several other plants they yanked out.


They did put all the plants back, but because it was the middle of this drought, not many survived the impromptu transplanting, including the beautiful rosemary, which is now an aromatic tumbleweed.


Unsurprisingly, I didn’t get an apology of an offer to replace the several hundred dollars worth of plant material they killed. I did get some new sod...that I didn’t want. Here is another bed that was summarily truncated, though these plants faired better.


There is of course a lien on the property line just for the city to maintain the road, so I didn’t actually lose any property. And the plants killed were inside that lien, so I have no recourse to recover any losses. But the construction workers did not give a damn about stomping in the gardens and killing things that are clearly not a part of city right of way. The amount of dust kicked up certainly suffocated more than a few other plants. It felt like I was living in the 30’s dust bowl. Though rains have resurrected a few of them, I still lost quite a few due to the worker’s impropriety. Lest you not believe how destructive they were, here is how close their enormous equipment was to the house. I thought the steamroller with the compactor/vibrator was going to shake down the house.


Not all is lost. Here is a Cesium and a mum that look nice.


Lastly, to make you feel better, here is a baby rabbit that has taken up residence in the backyard.