Michael Battalio

Lots of new plants

Last week we got more rain in three days than we have had in five months. I fear it might be another few months before we get another rain like that. The biggest item in the garden this month is the haul of plants I bought at the Antique Rose Emporium’s mother’s day sale. All 1 gallon plants were $4.00, which is an excellent deal; I bought a lot of them.

One of the coolest was a Gomphrena called Pink Zazzle. It is tender and hardy only to zone 10, so I have it in a pot and will move it inside this winter.

Here is a sedge that will hopefully fill a spot in dry shade.

Lastly is a veronica that is hardy to zone 6.

Other plants are coming into their own as well. Here is a crimum lilly about to bloom, and a yarrow:
IMG_1875 IMG_1873

I’ve been having pest problems as well. I discovered a rabbit foraging among the perennials yesterday, and it took off behind the church across the street once it noticed me. It has been munching on the lupines. It took one to the ground, and the other two aren’t looking so great.

The vegetable garden looks great. I have grown the biggest broccoli head I’ve ever had this spring, and it is completely organic.

The eggplant and corn also look very good.

Coleus in the greenhouse are about ready to set in beds for the summer. The ones in larger pots I’ve transplanted so that they are larger once they get in the ground.

Lastly, my orchids look amazing. They love the sunroom, but once they bloom I move them across the house so I can enjoy them. Here are just a couple: