Michael Battalio


I love daylilies. They are amazingly easy to grow, drought tolerant once established, give the potential for repeat bloomings throughout the year, pest resistant, slowly multiply, and are really easy to hybridize. In fact I have a hybrid daylily of my own called Stormy Sunset. The selection of daylilies here in College Station isn’t very good mostly because there are so few private nurseries around. So, I found an online supplier, and I ordered some daylilies from Smokeys Daylily Garden earlier this summer. They came in at the beginning of June, and since I didn’t have the bed I wanted to put them in completely ready I potted them up individually. I’m mostly pleased with the quality of fans (the name of an individual daylily plant), but some of them were lacking enough roots to get started well. Consequently I’ve had a couple of them die. That’s mostly to be expected, but some of the plants should never have been shipped. On the other hand some of the plants were so well developed that a few of them bloomed this month. (Top to bottom: ‘Hemerocallis Chicago Sunrise’, ‘Pardon Me’, ‘Apricot Charmer’) I’m impressed that some did bloom. Over the next month or so I will be finishing the raised bed I will be planting them in. Next summer they will still require a fair bit of water, but after that they should manage mostly on their own even with the hot July summers and drought.