Michael Battalio

30 June 2013

Summer drought

It’s hot, very, really hot. We had an all time high for June in College Station at the end of last month. It got up to 106. It also hasn’t rained since the 8” we got in the middle of May. I’ve had to water something almost every day. The vegetable garden has just shut down. Nothing is up to producing. I did harvest probably 10 lb of potatoes from my two short rows. That is going to be something I continue planting in the future. I’ve had some of the perennials I planted in March die. I’ve had a coreopsis and a salvia die. Those are both generally very drought tolerant plants, however they must become established before they can tolerate the kind of annual drought we get here in TX. There are still some bright spots even in the middle of July. I have Crinum Lilies scattered throughout the property from the previous owners (left photo). They have done just fine, though their foliage is kind of battered. The coleus and caladiums are also doing well (baby caladium leaf with a water drop on right). The best I can hope for now is to just get to September. I will be reevaluating what to do with some of the beds now that I’ve been in the house for a year. I’m definitely going to have to increase the organic matter content of the beds so that they retain moisture better. That will have to be a project for fall; it’s just too darn hot to do anything now.