Michael Battalio

attack of the chickens

We’ve only barely made it above 100 a couple of days during August, but the garden is predictably looking quite ragged, though there are still a few bright spots. First is a crinum lily that had never bloomed before. Though very pretty, crinum lily blooms only last a day or two. It’s sad that for all that effort the plant puts forth, there are only a couple of days of show. Second is the garden standby, sedum ‘Autumn Joy’. It very much enjoys the spot on the side of the house.


I can’t say the same for several other plants that simply gave up during the summer, including a yarrow and a guara; both of which I felt certain would do well in that bed. Fear not, as I stumbled upon a sale at a nursery where I got all of these plants for less than $90. I’m an advocate for buying plants small. They are much cheaper, and they have the added horticultural benefit of being less likely to suffer transplant shock.


In the vegetable garden I’m preparing some tomatoes for the fall garden. I bought a six pack each of ‘celebrity’ and ‘solar flare’ varieties and planted them into quart sized pots so they have a head start when I set them out once it is cooler. Otherwise, the okra and peppers are slowly producing during the hot months.


Pests come in all sizes. A few weeks ago I caught one of my neighbor’s chickens eating some of my euphorbias. I scared it back to my neighbor’s yard with a broom.