Michael Battalio

spring's reward

The payoff from all of my planting has begun. Below is Belinda’s Dream, a Texas native (ish) rose. Next is a scabiosa.


Below is a lupine I got for half off ($1.67) so I say why not try it. I suspect that it isn’t nearly drought tolerant enough to make it. The intensity of the summer will decide how many of these plants make it this year. Next is a salvia that I am more confident in surviving.


Here is the sideyard perennial bed. See the scabiosa on the left. The bright pink in the upper middle is a penstemon.


I have a corn conundrum. I have two rows corn in the new raised beds, but they are stunted except for two plants at the end of a row. See the two plants on the left are about four times the size of the rest of the plants. I have no idea why. The plant two inches to the right cannot possibly get that much more sun or water. I suspect that there is some uneven mixing in the topsoil when I filled the beds; I won’t know until I pull the plants up and see what is under them. I hope that at least these two plants will do well. I have had some sort of difficulty in growing corn the last six years. I want fresh corn. Below that is the old vegetable bed. There are some broccoli plants that are getting eaten by caterpillars. I’m having to be very diligent in them off so that they don’t destroy the heads.