Michael Battalio


Blog returns from winter hibernation

Spring is beginning, and so returns the garden blog. First is a lovely veronica that is among the first perennials to bloom in the spring.


He is a rugosa rose that is making a carefree, once a year show near the vegetable bed.


Below are some yellow ‘King Alfred’ daffodils juxtaposed with purple verbena that simply loves this spot at the edge of my property.


I bought small transplants from the nursery as soon as they were available so I could repot them in bigger containers for planting later.


Here are the tomatoes from above just a few weeks after repotting. The warmth they got in the greenhouse spurred quick growth. I put them in the garden last week.


last blooms before winter

Thanks to the cold snap at the beginning of November, the daffodils were tricked into blooming early.


This Flame Autumn Sage (Salvia greggii ‘Flame’) is trying to make one last show of it before the new year.


The romaine lettuce was tricked into bolting due to warm temps the last few weeks after the bad cold snap in November. The broccoli in the background is doing great. There are even some peppers left behind that.


I love lavender. This one has looked nice the entire time I’ve grown it. I never have to water it, and it occasionally throws up a showcase of blooms.


This will probably be the last blog post until spring. Updates should resume in late February/early March.