Michael Battalio



So I have a cantaloupe. That’s about it. Because of factors listed in the previous blog post, this garden is not turning out to be what I wanted, but I have a cantaloupe. Hopefully it will be ready in a month.

Here’s what the garden in total looks now:

It’s pretty ugly. The corn ears are rather pathetic. I’m going to get a garden plot when I get back to Starkville.


So, imagine my horror when I discovered that my newly germinated seedlings to be munched on by deer. What you see here is just about the only way to keep deer from eating anything - that is put something they can’t get through. I’ve found all kinds of repellants just don’t work. The deer in our yard have become too brazen and wise to fall for anything beyond full war. What you see in the pictures ain’t pretty, but the deer haven’t tried to eat anything again...yet. They don’t give up so easily though. We shall see how long this keeps them at bay.

All i’ve done is suspend some bird netting above all the seedings. I’ve supported them with sticks, and I’ve made sure there weren’t any large holes. This solution only works because my garden is really small. Any garden much bigger than this it becomes impractical to put up netting, and it is easier to erect a fence around the garden (it has to be a really large fence, at least 6 ft tall to keep them from jumping it.) Alternatively you try any of a number of repellants (I’ve had occasional success with really strong smelling soap [Irish Spring]). Anything that smells really strong has a chance of repelling them, but if they get hungry enough it won’t matter what you do (sans stand watch all night yourself.)

I’m about to be gone for two weeks, so I hope the garden makes it without me around to water it.