Michael Battalio



Finally rain. Over two weeks the house has picked up about 7” of rain. We needed all of it. Everything is finally green again. Wildflowers that were on the edges of the lawn (in the weeds) have started to flower. Among them is a dwarf coreopsis, a white rain lily I didn’t know was there, and a third familiar plant whose name escapes me at the moment. They distract from the crabgrass that grows where the St. Augustine does not, so I leave them where they grow and try not to hit them with the mower.

photo 5photophoto 4

Despite the heat and drought I have managed meager harvests including these peppers and okra. Everything is really cranking now that it has cooled off though. I’m going to have more peppers than I’ll ever know what to do with. Still no tomatoes though. We’ve only managed two days below 70 at night (see previous post about tomatoes and low temps).

photo 1

Lastly just a beautiful hibiscus I picked up for cheap ($1.50) the other day. I haven’t done anything with it. I’m just leaving it in its little 4” pot and letting it bloom its heart out. The setting sun catches the blooms in the late in the day, and it is gorgeous.

photo 2